Wonderstruck: A Novel in Words and Pictures

Written by: B. Selznick

An amazing novel. This story is told from two points of view; Ben’s completely in words; Rose’s completely in pictures. Both have deafness that they have to learn to deal with, both are searching for loved ones, which eventually leads them to each other. Selznick’s artwork is incredible and depicts Rose’s life in beautiful detail.


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Written by: I. Falconer

Olivia, Olivia, what can I say, Olivia?! I love this pig. She is adorable and charming and utterly delightful. Every little girl can relate to her difficulty choosing her outfit for the day – that is a critical decision! Every little girl will also dream of visiting the big city to see all of the places Olivia is able to see!


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Where the Wild Things Are

Written by: M. Sendak

Max has been bad and rude! Mom has sent him to bed with no supper! Now Max is on his way to the island where the wild things live. He travels “night and day, …in and out of weeks, and almost over a year” to find them! He is never going back! At least not until he gets really hungry…


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It’s a Book

Written by: L. Smith

What could it be? What a strange and wonderful thing you have found! It can take you on adventures, and yet no engine! It can sing you a song, and yet no speakers! It can even take you to Mars, and yet no rocket! What COULD it be?? A delightful book, but is it a librarian’s nightmare? Maybe not! Maybe children will learn to love technology AND books!


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The Three Pigs

Written by: D. Wiesner

Do picture books have alternate realities? What if they did? What would it look like? The three little pigs know and they are taking full advantage of being able to travel outside of their own world! Will they find a way to not be eaten by the big bad wolf? Can pigs and dragons live together? What about pigs, dragons, cats, and spoons? Can a wolf comprehend it all? Visit their new world and find out!


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Martina the Beautiful Cockroach

Written by: C. A. Deedy

In this beautifully illustrated picture book a young lady cockroach is contemplating marriage. Her grandmother gives her excellent advice about how to really know if the young man cares for her or is just looking at her beauty. What Martina doesn’t realize is that young men worry about meeting someone who truly cares as well.


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The Legend of the Bluebonnet

Written by: T. dePaola

This old tale is that of a hugely caring child, who although she has lost almost everything in the world that she cares about, she is willing to sacrifice her last possession in the hopes that it will help her tribe. Through her act of sacrifice we all benefit with the beauty she is rewarded with – the bluebonnets of Texas.


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