Seraph of The End: Vampire Reign

Kagami, T. (2012). Seraph of the end: Vampire reign. CA: VIZ Media, LLC.

Well, I just totally enjoyed this! This is the first time I’ve read a shounen (male-centered) vampire manga. So far, I’ve only come across shoujo (female-centered) manga with vampire themes. It was an extremely quick read. I was hooked from the opening pages. The orphan’s home setting pulled me in and then the virus apocalypse. Not many characters are introduced, just the main ones: Yu, Mika, Shinoa, and Lt. Col. Guren Ichinose, and we get the whole backstory of this world, at least as far as the main characters know it. Due to the few characters to start with we get to know them quite well for a first volume and see some good action; we’ve got demons, cursed power weapons and an awesome vampire battle scene. Since the people who survived the original virus were children under 13 years old we are dealing with some young people in these violent scenes, both as villains and victims, which makes them pretty creepy. The art is pretty and the backgrounds are quite detailed. FYI – my daughter taught me everything I know about manga and anime. She has been a zealous fan since she was 9 (she is graduating college with a Fine Arts degree in a few weeks). I really think this will be a great new line for kids who are just getting into manga or those who have been enjoying it for a while now. I would recommend this to 6th grade manga readers and up.


Anime based on manga/graphic novel trailer

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