Crutcher, C. (2013). Period.8. NY: HarperCollins.

Paulie Baum is an excellent swimmer and a real stand-up guy. Things are going pretty well for him till he decides to confess to his girlfriend, Hannah, that he cheated on her and he won’t tell her or anyone else who the girl was. This makes big waves in his 8th period class, a tight knit group of kids who meet during the last period of the day to hang out, be themselves, and feel safe. Paulie’s incident is just the beginning of a tumultuous time for Period 8. When one of their own goes missing and no one know where she is, the kids in Period 8 will have to come to the realization that someone in their midst cannot be trusted. This was my first Chris Crutcher novel and I enjoyed the fast paced plot of this psychological thriller. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what happened to Mary Wells and whether they would catch the person responsible before he hurt someone else. I also loved the references to swimming, a definite pull for students who are into sports. I would recommend it to 9th grade and up.


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