Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future

King, A.S. (2014). Glory O’Brien’s history of the future. NY: Little Brown.

Glory O’Brien’s mother committed suicide when she was just 4 years old.  To make matters worse, her father refuses to speak to Glory about her AND her father removed their gas stove, so she is doomed to have meals from the microwave.  A few days before high school graduation, she and her friend Ellie drink the remains of a bat.  From there, they get the craziest visions.  They literally see the future and pasts of every person they look at.  Glory is worried what her future will hold and if her mother’s fate will be hers as well.  She is finally able to use her mother’s old photography room and when she does she encounters more secrets of her parents’ past.  Throughout the week the people she encounters tell of a future war and a rebel who tries to stop it all.  She decides to write all the information down as a history of the future.  By the end she no longer sees visions and she and her dad are taking back their land.  Her dad is also painting once more. I really enjoyed this book’s premise and humor. My favorite quote: We form. We shine. We burn. Kapow. I would recommend it for 9th grade and up.


Book trailer

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