Gino, A. (2015). George. NY: Scholastic.

George is a fourth grade boy, but inside he feels that he is a girl, but he cannot tell anyone.  The fourth grade class is putting on a play version of the book Charlotte’s Web for the rest of the school.  He wants to try out for the part of Charlotte and his good friend Kelly encourages him to do just that.  However, when he does, his teacher thinks he is joking around and does not take him seriously.  She refuses to place him in the starring role.  George eventually tells Kelly how he feels inside.  She is very supportive and decides to help him switch places with her the night of the performance.  George hopes this will help his mother realize how he truly feels inside.  By the end of the book, George is feeling good about everything.  Kelly tells him that her uncle is coming to take her to the Bronx Zoo and thinks this will be the perfect time for him to try out life as a girl.  Melissa (George) now enters the scene and she thinks, “The best week of my life.  So far.”  This is a cute tale of young George.  It also shows the life of a young transgender child, which is rarely seen.  There might be some explanations needed on the part of the parent, but I would recommend this novel for 5th – 8th grades.


Book trailer

Another book trailer

Interview with author

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