Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Black, H. (2013). The coldest girl in Coldtown. NY: Little Brown.

Tana wakes up from a party one morning to find the other guests have been brutally murdered. She finds her ex- boyfriend, Aiden, chained to a bed seemingly transformed into a vampire. In the room as well is a genuine vampire, Gavriel. Tana decides to escape the house taking Aiden and Gavriel with her. She is concerned she is infected so they all head towards Coldtown, a place for the infected and vampires. On their journey they meet up with two teenagers who decide to join them. Tana realizes that her only way out of Coldtown is to turn in Gavriel, whom she has grown fond of, and receive an exit “marker”. Once in Coldtown Tana becomes infected and she learns her sister has entered Coldtown. She must find her quickly and get her out. After helping Gavriel destroy an enemy, she saves her sister and then quarantines herself. She knows the process is brutal, but Gavriel decides to join her as a source of comfort. I really loved the fast-paced, intense action of this fantasy vampire novel; I didn’t want to put it down! It reminded me of an edgier Twilight; it had the romance and otherworldly feel of Twilight but in a much more Bram Stoker’s Dracula way. I think students will like it for that quality. Holly Black does a great job setting up her vampire world; I liked her scientific explanation of how an individual becomes a vampire and the reasons the government set up Coldtowns. It made the novel much more real and gave it a whole other dimension. I would recommend to 9th graders and up.


Book trailer

Interview with Holly Black

Author’s website

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