An Abundance of Katherines

Green, J. (2006). An abundance of Katherines. NY: Speak.

Colin is devastated after being dumped by his girlfriend Katherine, who is the latest in his string of girlfriends named Katherine. His friend Hassan believes that a road trip will cure his depression. Colin is determined to be miserable, but agrees to go along. Driving south they end up in a Tennessee community, where they meet Lindsey. Lindsey’s mother offers them a job and a place to stay. They agree and end up experiencing life in Tennessee with Lindsey and her friends. Colin continues to wallow in his sorrow and is determined to develop a theorem that can predict getting dumped. His unique intelligence, anagram fetish and willfulness to complete the theorem intrigues Lindsey. They form a friendship, in which Colin would never entertain the idea that it could go any further because he only dates Katherines. However, their attraction is no longer denied once Lindsey assists Colin in completing his theorem. The inclusion of mathematics, anagrams and footnotes throughout this modern realistic fiction book challenges readers to think beyond the story. Readers 14 and older may become frustrated with Colin’s impossible attitude to snap out his self-pity, but Hassan’s humor keeps the story light and humorous. The life lesson to be learned is experiences and love can pass you by if you do not pick yourself up from your sorrow and move on. I would recommend to 9th graders and up.


Cutest trailer, it even has bloopers

Author’s website

Only read this if you finished the book

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